Design big.
Deliver better.

Meet your digital and data implementation team.

We reckon we know more about Australia’s data and digital journey than almost anyone out there. Collectively, we’ve been doing this for more than 250 years. That’s why we know the biggest digital and data dilemma that customers face is delivery. Its looking at the dream outcome and knowing how to make that a reality.

After years of driving digital and data transformation programs and projects for governments and corporations across the country, we saw a frustrating gap in the market. Our customers loved our strategies and programs. But what so many needed was the support to implement their digital and data transformation. They needed a crack team that could get in and get the job done.

So we did it. We created, the delivery arm of the GWI Group.

GWI’s Advisory team solves complex business problems through high quality strategy, advisory and design work.

At, we implement and support core systems and data management platforms and deliver product solutions. We don’t just talk digital and data – we roll our sleeves up and get the work done. No matter what.

Talk to us about how we solve your digital and data delivery dilemmas.

Things We Do.

Finding the solutions you need isn’t always easy – unless you have a team of experts to help. Our dedicated project staff will take care of your data and digital delivery dilemmas with three key focus areas: core systems implementations, data management platforms and managed services.

Stuff We Sell.

We know there are times when a business needs to explore and understand what is possible. Or maybe you just need to get something ticked off a list by a given date. We’ve taken a set of commonly requested components and bundled them into packages which we reliably and repeatedly deliver.

We dare you to dare us.

Dream big. Design bigger.
And we’ll help you deliver even better.

If you’re a customer who is searching for a delivery partner for AWS, Microsoft Azure or one of the other vendors we support (Actian, Drata, Orbus, Simsage, Zluri), get in touch to chat about how we can help.

If you’re a vendor looking for a proven Australia/New Zealand delivery arm, or to complement your professional services or customer success functions with additional capacity/capability, we’d love to hear from you too.

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