Essential 8 Assessment and Improvement Support

If this is you …

We have found that clients of all sizes struggle to balance cyber-risk investment, organizational change friction and ability to demonstrate results.

After many years of helping clients with a wide range of governance, risk and compliance matters, we see very few clients doing well. Often, they:

  • know they have a cyber-risk problem, but can’t necessarily define its nature or size
  • believe that frameworks like ISO27001 are too “heavy” for their organization to adopt
  • have made a variety of technology investments in infosec, but these are disconnected from wider organizational context (e.g. people and process)
  • cannot easily demonstrate that their investments have translated to meaningful reductions in business risk

All of this means they remain exposed, and searching for lack of a practical path forward.

Then we can help

Our solution enables informed business-cyber risk mitigation aligned to a recognised but accessible framework (Essential 8).

We focus on helping businesses reduce their cyber risk.

While no set of mitigation strategies are guaranteed to protect against all cyber threats, organisations are recommended to implement the ACSC’s Essential 8’s mitigation strategies as a baseline.

To date, organisations have typically used a combination of people and manual processes to assess and progress their maturity levels.

Instead, we’re taking a platform-enabled, services-supported approach.

We call it Essential 8 Assessment and Improvement Support.

So, what’s included?

Our offering brings together the elements you need to deliver business-cyber risk reduction.’s Essential 8 Assessment and Improvement Support solution is based on Drata’s GRC automation platform, the Essential 8 Framework, and combined with a flexible services bundle.

Together, these deliver you the changes you need to measurably reduce your business-cyber risk, and demonstrate that both inside and out.

Our offering includes:

  • Full Drata product licensing (tenancy, setup, framework, policy/template library, continuous compliance automation, employee engagement and education, risk management) and local AU-NZ support
  • Essential 8 Baseline Assessment (including controls status, maturity level, risk assessment and register, improvement plan)
  • Quarterly Checkins to review and document progress (with an option for Monthly Checkins)
  • Quarterly Executive Summary

Meaningfully reduce your business-cyber risk. Contact us for more.

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