SOC 2 Jetpack for AU/NZ Startups

If this is you …

If you are an AU/NZ SaaS startup looking to sell into the North American or European markets, you’re likely to hit a hard requirement for SOC 2.

SOC 2 is fundamentally about meeting industry standards for security, availability, processing integrity, privacy, and confidentiality.

Regardless of the size or stage of an organisation, or the industry in which it operates, SOC 2’s five “trust service criteria” are priorities.

Amongst the growing list of cyber security standards, frameworks and certifications, SOC2 has essentially become the baseline standard for SaaS.

SaaS customers want to know that the companies handling their data are doing that security and taking it seriously and SOC 2 helps them prove that. 

Then we can help

At, we understand the SOC 2 problem intimately, having seen it from both sides.

Having SOC 2 on hand is a shortcut compared to filling in a Security Questionnaire and dealing with manual evaluation.

If you have SOC 2, then you’re allowed in to talk to customers about your fine product or service. If you don’t have SOC 2, then the door will be pretty much held shut.

At, we understand this problem intimately, having seen it from both sides – numerous times both as a startup supplier looking for market access and as a potential customer who applies SOC 2 as a basic screening tool.

That’s exactly where our SOC 2 Jetpack for AU/NZ Startups comes in.

So, what’s included?

SOC 2 Jetpack for AU/NZ Startups is the simplest and fastest way to get your SOC 2.

We get it, you need to get SOC 2 as fast and cheaply as you can. Minimize the amount of internal work to get to the end. And try to get some lasting value.

We’ve put together everything you need to get across the SOC 2 line and into the inside lane for international SaaS sales and growth.

The SOC 2 Jetpack for AU/NZ Startups:​

  • Is a prepackaged and self-contained solution
  • Is specifically designed for AU/NZ SaaS startups
  • Covers SOC 2 Type 1 (snapshot) and Type 2 (proof of maintenance), and addresses all 5 Trust Service Criteria (not just security)
  • Is based on Drata’s class-leading GRC platform for integrated/automated/continuous compliance
  • Offers a helping hand with some professional but pragmatic and affordable services
  • Includes audit and certification from AssuranceLab
  • Helps you achieve SOC 2 in days to weeks, not months to years

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